Happy Halloween officially! Hopefully if you’re reading this you’re old enough to be beyond the level of trick or treating, at least for yourself, so I hope you celebrate the holiday in other ways. That is, outside of the wild parties that took place over the weekend. Watch a horror movie at home. Drink or eat something that’s pumpkin flavored. Put on a scary mask and hide in some bushes, periodically jumping out of them to put some fear into kids that don’t know any better. Or maybe just eat the Halloween candy you were planning to give to all those kids showing up at your door. I myself am most excited for tomorrow, when I can stop by the grocery store and get bags of candy for super cheap. They always overestimate the amount of candy they’re going to sell vs. the amount they actually do sell. Advantage: candy lovers willing to wait. Okay, so let’s get to this Halloween edition of Pick Your Poison. I’ve got a few Halloween-related songs for you today, and a couple that just sound scary from their titles. Batwings Catwings is a solid band name built on scary staples like bats and (black) cats. Black Matter has that same sort of spooky connotation and their song “Pressure” also gets the recommend. If you’ve seen the photo associated with the song by Estasy, it’s a bit freaky, but the song is freaky good too. If you’re Glass Candy, calling your song “Halloween” is basically asking for the holiday association. Also unleashed today specifically because of the date are tracks from Proper Villains and Superchunk (who cover the Misfits). In the Soundcloud section, there are scary moments from Calaca Strides and Hattie Murdoch. WHen speaking of just plain good, non-Halloween songs, be sure to listen to cuts from Elsie (covering Stereophonics), Chicago’s own Fotosputnik, The Jezabels, Julian Wass and Sandman Viper Command.

Baron Von Luxxury – The Last Seduction

Batwings Catwings – Radio

Black Matter – Pressure

Dream Love – Be My Man, Woman

Elsie – Dakota (Stereophonics cover)

Estasy – Wild Wants

The Finger – Die! Die Superhero!

Fotosputnik – Spanish Inquisition Garage Sale

Glass Candy – Halloween

The Jezabels – Try Colour

Jiony – Waiting for the Sun

Julian Wass – Red

Muscle Drum – Compromise

Proper Villains – All Out of Bubblegum

Sandman Viper Command – Rough Love

Superchunk – Where Eagles Dare (Misfits cover)


Calaca Strides – Graves

A Certain Ratio – Wild Party

Derek Bishop – Counterfeit

Hattie Murdoch – Black Shadow

Lissi Dancefloor Disaster – Pop Musiiic