Oh noes! Amy Klein has left Titus Andronicus! Lots of people appear to be upset about this. I’m surprised it didn’t happen earlier. Not that she was unhappy or a bad fit with the rest of the band, but to me she always seemed destined for bigger and better things. When I heard about her couple of side projects, most notably Hilly Eye and Amy Klein and the Blue Star Band, I assumed they’d eventually steal her focus away from the boys in Titus. And so it has happened. Her leaving Titus does not spell the end for either her or the band, and I continue to expect great things from both. So allow me to wish a best of luck to Amy Klein, now formerly Amy Andronicus. I hope to be writing about her music in the near future. Here in the present, let’s talk today’s Pick Your Poison. I’ve got positive things to say about tracks from Chris Bathgate, Eric Sarmiento, FIDLAR, Parts & Labor, Silver Swans (covering Fleet Foxes and doing a good job), and V.C. In the Soundcloud section, there’s a new track from K-OS that’s worth your time if you enjoy hip hop.

Black Light White Light – The Militia

Carousel – Games

Chris Bathgate – No Silver

The Dragons & Gorilla Pits – Crazy

EchoRev – Sparks (Izzi Willow Remix)

Eric Sarmiento – Bilumsman


Hectic Zeniths – Curtain

Justice – Helix (Don Diablo Remix)

Lana Del Rey – Video Games (Erol Sabadosh Remix)

Ming + 2Beeps – Crazyish

Parts & Labor – No Nostalgia

The Silent Comedy – Exploitation

Silver Swans – He Doesn’t Know Why (Fleet Foxes cover)

Two Dark Birds – Black Blessed Night

V.C. – 123

Zodiac Death Valley – La Razon


The Alcoves – Sad Clown

Iowa – Complete Control

Keep Shelly in Athens – Lazy Noon

K-OS – Holy Cow

Nero – Me and You (Steve Angello Remix)

Pinebocks – Flee