Not that many of you need it, but I want to take a moment, as I do every few months, to just give a quick reminder as to what the daily Pick Your Poison posts are all about. My inbox gets jam-packed from day to day with artists and record labels and PR people all begging me to write about their music. I only have so much time and space to write about that stuff, even if I listen to everything that gets sent to me. Rather than simply letting all this music rot away in my inbox, I try and put as much of it as possible into these daily Pick Your Poison posts. You guys get free music and are free to discover all sorts of up-and-coming artists, completely at your own discretion. Take as much or as little of these songs as you like, so long as you remain aware that not everything may be to your liking. You might wind up with the occasional clunker, which is why the word “poison” is in the title of the post. You’re responsible for your own fate, good or bad. I can only give recommendations. Today’s edition is a pretty good one, and I can affix a thumbs up to tracks from ARMS, Femme Fatality, Goldmund, Kimya Dawson, Swimclub and Work Drugs. I’m also pretty madly in love with School of Seven Bells’ remix of Surfer Blood’s “Miranda. In the Soundcloud section, be sure to check out the streams of tracks by Bleached and Young Magic.

Al Lover – Black Magick Starter Jacket

ARMS – Glass Harmonica

Brice Woodall – Sea of Knives

everyBoy – To Arjun

Femme Fatality – Backroom Darlings

Fotoshop – Too Little, Too Late
Fotoshop – Speed vs. Distance

Goldmund – Shenandoah

Kimya Dawson – Driving Driving Driving

Nikki Lane – Sleep For You

Poor Boy’s Soul – Burn Down

PropaneLV – One More Time

Red Weasel – Napoleon Spinks

Scott H. Biram – Dontcha Lie to Me Baby

Surfer Blood – Miranda (School of Seven Bells Remix)

Swimclub – El Lamento!

Work Drugs – Blue Steel


Bleached – Think of You

Michael Quinn – The New Myth

pacificUV – Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want (Smiths Cover)

Real Fur – The Fool

Twiggy Frostbite – In Darkness Lights Are Out

Young Magic – Slip Time