Halloween weekend is always a great time if you’re of a certain age. Between the ages of about 4 and 12, trick or treating is where it’s at (though that’s pretty much all confined to the actual holiday, be it on a weekday or weekend). Once you get older, specifically around college age, it becomes a big drinking holiday – a reason to dress up in a costume (or a slutty costume, if you’re female) and have a party with your friends. Sooner or later though, you get old enough where big parties and drinking become old hat, and you settle down and have kids and then take them trick or treating. So just about everybody has something going for them in and around this holiday. It’s one of my absolute favorites every year too, primarily because it’s fun and there’s a bunch of horror films that also get unleashed as well. “Paranormal Activity 3” anyone? So have fun and be safe these next few days. And check your candy in case some stranger wants to poison you or your kids. And hey, that works into a nice segue about Pick Your Poison. Today’s highlights include tracks from Bass Drum of Death, Carter Tanton (with Marissa Nadler), Korallreven (with Julianna Barwick), Papertwin, Sapphire Slows, and Yamantaka/Sonic Titan.

Acid Invaders – Change (Kevin Saunderson Remix)

Bass Drum of Death – I Dunno

Canyons – See Blind Through (DJ Harvey Remix)

Carter Tanton – Fake Pretend (ft. Marissa Nadler)

Elika – We Have Failed

Kodak to Graph – Express/Cause

Korallreven – Sa Sa Samoa (ft. Julianna Barwick)

Le Chevalier – Fields

LeeSun – Missing You Already

Mighty Mouse – Ice Beer (Bootleg Version)

The New Division – Opium (Quiet Lights Remix)

New London Fire – The Dirt, The Blood, The Faith

Papertwin – Coma
Papertwin – Sleeptalk

Sapphire Slows – Spin Lights Over You

Thee Cormans – Open the Gates

Yamantaka/Sonic Titan – Hoshi Neko

The Zolas – Cultured Man


Anthony von Seck – That Movie We Were In (ft. Amy Millan)

Attaque – Moderate

BIGkids – Rather Go Blind

Juveniles – We Are Young (Trésors remix)

Wale – Slight Work (ft. Big Sean)