My weekend is here, and I’m looking forward to some serious fun. I hope you’ve got some great plans ahead of you. No real time to waste, let’s get right into this slightly extended version of Pick Your Poison for this grand Friday. I can recommend tracks from Ashtar Command, Devereaux, The Grenadines, Kramies, Preston Lovinggood, The Sanctuaries and UltraKorps.

Alekesam – It’s Not You, It’s Here

Ashtar Command – Save Me (ft. Alex Ebert of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros)

David’s Lyre – Hidden Ground (Piano Version)

Devereaux – NYXT

Doomtree – The Grand Experiment

Green Seed – Crack Kills

The Grenadines – Shake

HØLAS – The Glacial Anthem

Howth – Belly of the Beast

Is Tropical – Lies (Leopard of Honour Remix)

Kramies – Coal Miners Executive Club

Mitten – 742 (DoublePlusGood Remix)

Noah and the Whale – Waiting for My Chance to Come (Bibio Remix)

OHO – Inner Voice

Preston Lovinggood – Duncan

Revolution, I Love You – Graceful Steps

Saint Yorda – Death Ray
Saint Yorda – Yr Bones

The Sanctuaries – House of Noise

Turf War – For the Last Time

UltraKorps – Mass Disorder


Cave Birds – Some Lightning Thrill

Hard Mix – I Wonder Why You Cry

Monarchy ft. Britt Love – You Don’t Want To Dance With Me (Meridian Remix)