In music news today, it has been announced that Courtney Love is set to write her memoirs. I don’t know about you, but a book detailing her life, pretty much filled head to toe with crazy, seems like it’d be remarkably fascinating to me. Particularly the Kurt Cobain years. Funny how this info comes out the same week as the Super Deluxe 20th Anniversary Edition of Nirvana’s “Nevermind”. Consider it almost too coincidental. So that’s something you might want to keep tabs on, because it’s sure to have plenty of juicy tidbits when it gets released. Speaking purely in the here and now though, today’s Pick Your Poison has a few juicy nuggets as well. I’ll recommend tracks from Beef Terminal, Carnivores, Mike Quinn, Pallers, A Shoreline Dream and Vanish Valley. In the Soundcloud section, there are a few great cuts available for streaming, including new ones from Fanzine, Mark Sultan and Yuck.

Beef Terminal – Birthday

¡BORRACHO! – Alpine (Lucy ‘Lo Remix)  

Carnivores – Second Impulse

Christina Bautista – Heartless

Clockwork Radio – Liege

Diamond Life – Just An Illusion

Korallreven – As Young As Yesterday ft. Victoria Bergsman (Girl Unit Remix)

Mike Quinn – Reforming

Oreaganomics – Blanket on the Edge of Town

Pallers – Years Go, Days Pass

Rich Aucoin – It

A Shoreline Dream – Dreamsong  (ZIP)

Sidi Touré – Ir Kagay Alada (Live at Old Town School of Folk Music)

Sola Rosa – Turn Around

Vanish Valley – The Bottom

Visions of Trees – Sirens (Novocaine (The Voyeurist Remix)


Cave Painting – Rio

Fanzine – Roman Holiday

Icona Pop – Sun Goes Down ft. The Knocks

Last Night’s TV – I Can Picture My Friend

Mark Sultan – Song In Grey

Yuck – Soothe Me