Today is the first “official” day of fall. I used quotation marks there because I guess there’s a difference between meteorological fall and what the calendar says. Your local weathercaster may have told you a couple weeks back that fall had officially begun, but that was really just when temperatures began to dip. Now that we’re in full fall swing though, there’s the leaves beginning to change color, and my favorite time of year – sweater weather. For me though, it’s closer to hoodie weather. I’m basically happy over bundling up just a little more than usual, but I do love summer and the warm temperatures. I hope you enjoy it too, a precursor before the doldrums of winter finally strike. Pick Your Poison will hopefully wrap you up in sweater-like comfort today. Tracks I can give a thumbs up to come from Amanda Mair, AZITA, Pallers, Van Hunt, The Wandas, and Zechs Marquise. Panda Bear’s remix of Korallreven is a good one to stream in the Soundcloud section, and if you like some hip hop, “Community” star Donald Glover’s music project Childish Gambino has a new cut up for streaming as well.

Amanda Mair – Doubt

AZITA – September

Dylan LeBlanc – If the Creek Don’t Rise (ft. Emmylou Harris)

Evidence – Late for the Sky (ft. Slug and Aesop Rock)

Filligar – Knock Yourself Out

Mr. Miranda – Key to Success

Pallers – Humdrum

Rah Rah – Parkade

Secret Shine – No More Inside

The Seldon Plan – Fractionation

Tyson – After You’re Gone (Solo Remix)

The Unsacred Hearts – Where Are You?

Van Hunt – Eyes Like Pearls

The Wandas – Long Time Running

Wesley Wolfe – Who’s Going to Truly Love You?

Xaver Von Treyer – Device of the Devil (Original Demo)

Zechs Marquise – Everlasting Beacon of Light


Childish Gambino – Bonfire

Kathleen Edwards – Wapusk (featuring Bon Iver)

Korallreven – As Young As Yesterday (Panda Bear Remix)

Sam Gray – Brighter Day