Le sigh. Another Monday, another start of another week. Depressing, right? Rain in Chicago isn’t helping matters, so I hope it’s warm and sunny wherever you are. To help get you through those work day blues, I’ve got an extra nice, extra long edition of Pick Your Poison for your downloading pleasure. Today I’m happy to recommend tracks from The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, Death Songs, The Do, Eternal Tapestry, Leema Mountain, Sun Hotel, Walls, Wild Beasts and Woodsman. Mogwai’s remix of the Laki Mera song “Crater” is excellent as well, and available to stream in the Soundcloud section. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some week-starting ass to kick.

The Adamski Kid – I Dance Alone

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – Major

COYOL – Pharmacist

Death Songs – Water in the Eyes of Man

The Dø – Slippery Slope

Eternal Tapestry – Doorways in the Sand

Hello Electric – Introduction

Leema Mountain – I See the Summer in You

Marina & the Diamonds – Radioactive (Tom Staar Remix)

Orchestra of Spheres – Hypercube

Ruben & Ra – Street Machine

Sonoio – Can You Hear Me?

Sun Hotel – Alchemy
Sun Hotel – Talks

Walls – Raw Umber/Twilight

We Are the City – Happy New Year

Wild Beasts – Thankless Thing

Woodsman – Specdrum

You Can’t Win Charlie Brown – I’ve Been Lost

Zun Zun Egui – Fandango Fresh


Cold Specks – Holland

Jessica Rae – 24 Hour Church (in Memphis)

Laki Mera – Crater (Mogwai Remix)

People Get Ready – Uncanny