Hope everybody enjoyed some quality NFL football over the weekend. I realize that sports and music aren’t always the ideal pairing, unless you’re hard rock or hip hop, but I just thought I’d remind those less sports inclined that everyone and their fantasy leagues will be going on and on about teams for the next few months. Don’t worry – you don’t really have to care about football, at least not until the Super Bowl, during which you can pretend to care while enjoying some creative commercials. So there’s that. Happy NFL season everybody. I probably won’t mention it again until January. What I will mention over and over on consecutive weekdays is the edition of Pick Your Poison. In conjunction with today’s edition, I’d like to mention that three of the bands you can hear songs from on the list below will be playing a show together. Evolove, Stitched Up Heart and Gemini Syndrome will all be performing in Chicago at the Elbo Room on the 18th, which is this coming Sunday. GO pick up tickets if you like what you hear from those bands. Other things I can recommend today include tracks from Blouse, Borrowed Beams of Light, Fujiya & Miyaki, Kurt Vile, Last American BUffalo, Plates of Cake and Slow Animal.

Automatic Writing – Continuous

Blouse – Videotapes

¡BORRACHO! – Alpine

Borrowed Beams of Light – Half Light
Borrowed Beams of Light – Holy Cow
Borrowed Beams of Light – Run Rabid Through the Haze

Comet Gain – Clang of the Concrete Swans

Evolove – Wake Up Call

The Fairchilds – Unbreakable

Fujiya & Miyaki – Chichikov

Gemini Syndrome – Basement

Hunting Foxes – Chasing Thoughts

Is Tropical – The Greeks (Polarset Remix)

Kurt Vile – The Creature

Last American BUffalo – Thieves

Paul Hudson – Charlie

Plates of Cake – As If the Choice Were Mine

The Secret Whistle – Moon Top Mountains

Slow Animal – Heatwave

Stitched Up Heart – Is This the Way You Get to Hell

Tunabunny – Only at Night


The Helmholtz Resonators – Hades

NeedToBreathe – The Reckoning

The Q – Mercury