Labor Day weekend. It’s a holiday created to honor those that work hard at their jobs each and every day. The small dose of irony is that many are being forced to go to work on Labor Day. Apparently it’s not widely recognized as a holiday by a number of companies. If your boss doesn’t give you the day off, I hope you’re earning some extra money as a result of the holiday. I’m undecided yet whether or not to have a Monday edition of Pick Your Poison. Whether or not it happens will likely be dependent on either my mood or schedule for the day. Today’s extra long weekend-starting edition is a delight, as per usual. Tracks I can give the thumbs up to come from Captain Planet, Casey Shea, Faces on Film, The Features, High Pop, James Elkington & Nathan Salzburg, and Prophets & Kings. In the Soundcloud section you’ve got yet another Tokyo Police Club cover song. This time they take on M83’s great “Kim & Jessie”.

Age of Consent – The Beach (Is Tropical Remix ft. Foe)

Ambassadeurs – Rössler

Captain Planet – Get You Some

Casey Shea – Jennifer

Danielle Duval – Sundowner (ft. Jason Collett)

Faces on Film – Knot in the Vine

Family Lumber – No Worries

The Features – Content

High Pop – Drip From the Sea

James Elkington & Nathan Salzburg – A Free Amft

Keaton Henson – You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are

Lee Majors – Blocks & Knocks

Peg Simone – Scratching For Light  (ZIP)

Problem – Double Dip (ft. TyDolla$ig)

Prophets & Kings – Bear Milk

Rapids! – Comets

Right on Dynamite – Big Exciting End


Dntel – Rock My Boat (The One AM Radio Version)

Gallant – Party Girl

The Magician ft. Jeppe – I Don’t Know What To Do

Tokyo Police Club – Kim & Jessie (M83 cover ft. Jamie Jackson of Hot As Sun)

Trophy Wife – Canopy Shade