Apple CEO Steve Jobs resigned today. It has left many in the world of technology very upset, primarily because the man behind such things as the iPhone and iPod and iPad is now largely stepping away from his role as innovator. To be perfectly clear though, we have no real idea how much influence Jobs had over the creation of these devices, except to look at them, decide they were worthy of the Apple name, and then showing up at a big tech conference to unveil them. I’d like to think there’s a team of people that invented the iPod and that Jobs was the guy soaking up all the credit. He is the face of the company, after all. So I wouldn’t worry too much about the future of Apple. I think they’ll be in fine hands for at least the next few years. If you’re reading this on an iPad or a MacBook right now, more power to you. Here’s today’s set of Pick Your Poison cuts. Tracks I can put my stamp of approval on come from BOBBY, Holy Sons, The Morning Clouds, Savaging Spires, The Wombats and Young Circles.

BK-One – Tema Do Canibal (Video Edit)

BOBBY – Sore Spores

Built Like Alaska – Antique Love

CSC Funk Band – Caneca

Holy Sons – A Chapter Must Be Closed

Jonti – Hornet’s Nest

Last Year’s Men – Paralyzed

Luke De-Sciscio – I Want to Hold You

The Morning Clouds – The Wrong Things

The Reminding Ideas – Vegetables

Savaging Spires – Bending the Rules of Time

Socalled – Sleepover

Stereofunk ft. D’ Secret SVC – Get Off

Three Metre Day – Stay That Way

The Wombats – Drop Me Like A Guillotine (WAV)

Young Circles – Asthmatic


Anomie Belle – Inky Drips

General Fiasco – The Age That You Start Losing Friends

Let’s Buy Happiness – Dirty Lakes

Man Like Me – Peculiar