If you’re overseas, specifically in the London area, I hope you’re okay. The situation over there is a little nuts right now, and hopefully nobody’s getting hurt in these riots. One of the saddest things about the whole thing is that the PIAS warehouse burned down. For those unfamiliar with the building, it’s a distribution house for all sorts of record labels, from Matador to Sub Pop to XL to Domino and Thrill Jockey. They have literally lost hundreds of thousands of CDs and LPs as a result of the fire, and though insurance will cover the loss of product, the loss of sales is going to really hurt. It’s going to take some serious time to replace all that was destroyed, and while North America might not be as affected, most of Europe will be. Just be grateful nobody was seriously injured as a result of that. Again, stay safe if you’re over there. Today’s Pick Your Poison highlights include tracks from Galaxy Sunrise, High Places, Tom McBride and Work Drugs (the fuckin’ Catalina Wine Mixer).

The Adamski Kid – I Dance Alone (The Art Remix)

Brass Bed & Feufollet – Des Promesses
Brass Bed & Feufollet – Bums on the Radio

Double Plus Good – Falls Apart
Double Plus Good – Something Else

Eli Lieb – Undone

Galaxy Sunrise – Every Start, Its End

HEALTH – USA Boys (MF/MB/ Remix)

High Places – Year Off

Jason Ajemian & the HighLife – Feels A Ton

John Craig ft. Gold – The Only Way (Neck)

Oulipo – Offer Me
Oulipo – Awful Light

PropaneLV – Weeknd Romance

Tom McBride – Into the Arms of the Wild-Eyed Young

Ursa Minor – Delight

Work Drugs – Catalina Wine Mixer

The Workhouse – The Whistler


Albino & Imanos – In & Out Of Love

F.O.O.L – We Are

Hermanos Inglesos – Funky Dandy

Hurts – Better Than Love (Death In Vegas Remix)

I Believe in Hotpants – Jack & Mom

ZAKEE – Push the Power