Are you a big Sigur Ros fan? If you are, hopefully you caught the little teaser the band released today for something called “Inni”. Nobody’s entirely sure what’s up the band’s sleeve at this point in time, but the teaser video is pretty compelling either way. At its core it’s simply grainy, artsy black and white video of the band performing on stage mixed with ethereal sounds that certainly resemble classic Sigur Ros. What do you think – is it preparation for a live DVD? A new album? Something else entirely? Have a glance at the video below and make your own judgment. Pick Your Poison today is almost as compelling as that video. Today I’ll recommend tracks from Asa, The Black Angels, Blitzen Trapper, Ganglians, Little Gold, and Male Bonding.

Asa – Dreamer Girl

The Black Angels – Yellow Elevator #2

Blitzen Trapper – Love the Way You Walk Away

Boston Spaceships – Christmas Girl

DiMi Marc – Fly Away (ft. Izzy)

Ganglians – Drop the Act

The Golden Seals – The Year Things Fell Apart

The Handcuffs – Miss You on Tuesday

Kasey Anderson and the Honkies – The Wrong Light

Little Gold – Sisters & Friends

Male Bonding – Tame the Sun

Mild Mannered – The Demand

Night Shining – What I’m Told

Nihiti – Pinko Morning

Rob Bliss – Young Broke & In Love

Water Tower Bucket Boys – Crooked Road


Agent 126 – Waiting on You

Kate Havnevik – Show Me Love

Vadoinmessico – Pepita Queen of the Animals