Does anybody remember the band Fastball? You know, that band from way back in the 90s who did that song “The Way”? They’ve made a bunch of music since that time, but nobody has paid any attention to it. Consider them destined for the One Hit Wonder bin, unless they whip out a surprise and craft some unbelievable record in the future. In the meantime, and the reason why I bring Fastball up, is because the frontman for the band, Miles Zuniga, has a solo record coming out. There’s a song from it available for you to download below. Give it a listen. I think it’ll be better than whatever nightmare you might be able to conjure up in your head. Other Pick Your Poison notables today include tracks from Banded Stilts, The Cave Singers, Future Islands and Still Corners.

Afrolicious – Thursday Night Kinda Swing

Brown Shoe – Colt Rider

Firs of Prey – What You Say

Banded Stilts – Forest, Oh Forest Protect Me)

Carrie Clark & the Lonesome Lovers – Bum Bah Dum

The Cave Singers – Black Leaf

Future Islands – Balance

John Wesley Harding – Sing Your Own Song

Kenneth Bager – The Sound of Swing (Andrea Vittorelli Remix)

Kidstreet – Crazy

Miles Zuniga – Marfa Moonlight

Mwahaha – Rainbow Diamond

Peggy Sue – Cut My Teeth

plumerai – Strike

Red Robot – My Last Home
Red Robot – It Won’t Be Long

Still Corners – Cuckoo

T.W. Walsh – Make It Rhyme


Innercity – The Pyramids of Northeast Belgium

Red Wanting Blue – Audition

Subtrakill – Exhaustificated/span>