HEAT WAVE! If you’re in one of about 40 of the 50 U.S. states, chances are you’re dealing with some seriously hot temperatures. Enough to make you not want to go outside. Hopefully you’ve got some air conditioning to hang out in, and electricity with which to power it. Music can also help make the hot weather that much more bearable, so let Pick Your Poison be like an auditory fan blowing cold air on your skin. Tracks I can recommend today include ones from The Coastals, Heroes of Popular Wars, Humans, Inc., and The Weather Station. In the Soundcloud section you’ll find a solid track from Pusha T that features Tyler, The Creator.

Aficionado – The Things You Like

AIVA – Pink Moon (Nick Drake cover)

The Coastals – Bottle Up and Explode (Elliott Smith cover)
The Coastals – Know Your Onion (The Shins cover)

Dave Cloud and the Gospel of Power – Boogaloo

Glowmobile Recording Company – Wave
Glowmobile Recording Company – The One That Got Away (MillionYoung Remix)

Heroes of Popular Wars – American Loser
Heroes of Popular Wars – She’s A Microscope

Humans – Avec Mes Mecs

Inc. – Swear

Kyla La Grange – You Let It Go (The Kill Van Kulls Remix)

Lemi Vice – Lemons

Little Star Dweller – Catch A Killer

Lucas Santtana – Circa Regina E Nana

New Navy – Zimbabwe

Serianna – Fragments

Shuteye Unison – Our Future Selves

Warning Light – High Watershed

The Weather Station – Everything I Saw

Young & Sick – Room 48 (young & sick – room 48)


Beta Hector – Jupiter Mission

New Animal – Lift You Up

The Other Tribe – Businessman On Diazepam (DISCOFORGIA Hardfloor Remix)

Pusha T feat. Tyler, The Creator – Trouble on My Mind

Theme Park – A Mountain We Love