I’d like to take a moment here to light a candle for the loss of a bastion of my youth. When you’re young, there’s this perception that you’re invincible and that you’ll live forever. In that same vein, you expect the things and people that you love to stick around and never die as well. Sooner or later though, time passes and people die or things get destroyed or shuttered. Such is the case with Chicago radio station Q101. After 19 years, most of which I was an avid fan and listener, the station is switching on Friday to an all-news format. Alternative rock radio in Chicago will be officially declared dead. While I haven’t exactly listened to that much new “alt rock” in the last few years, there’s enough of the 90s and early 00s stuff that still gets played that I love. Also, thinking about it a little closer, I’m probably one of the few people my age that still listens to terrestrial, local radio on a daily basis. I’m too cheap to pay for satellite and appreciate the variety/the inability to guess what will get played next. So tomorrow will be a sad day. If you’re in Chicago and are near a radio, I hope you’ll tune in for at least a little bit. If you’re not in Chicago, you can listen online at Q101.com. Best of luck to all the employees of the station, too. I spent 2 of my summers in college interning there, and they’re all wonderful people. Pick Your Poison today isn’t quite the monumental equivalent of a radio station shutting down, but there’s still plenty of good songs in this collection. Highlights include tracks from The Bynars, The Castells, The Gift, and Soft Metals. Aeroplane’s remix of Grace Jones is pretty decent, and you can also download a free full length album from Chicago’s own Plastic Boots. In the Soundcloud section you may enjoy a new Simian Mobile Disco cut, if that’s your thing.

Alstair Ottesen – Life Is But A Dream

Artful – Could Just Be the Bassline (Artofficial Club Mix)

Bones Howell – Nephritis (Daniel Ash Remix)

The Bynars – Can You Hear It?

The Castells – Sweet Nothing

The Gift – Race Is Long

Grace Jones – William’s Blood (Aeroplane Remix)

The Handcuffs – Dirty Glitter

Jess Hill – Orchard

The Plastic Boots – The Plastic Boots (Click through to download the full album FREE)

Pregnant – Letter to A Friend

Soft Metals – Eyes Closed

TMS ft. Jagga – I Need You (Jacob Plant Remix)

The Young Professionals – D.I.S.C.O.


Count to Fire – I’m The Man You Need

Tha Doc – Level

Michael Woods – Bullet

Penguin Prison – Fair Warning (Goldroom Remix)

Simian Mobile Disco – Gizzard