Have you at all been following this News of the World phone hacking “scandal”? People absolutely have a right to be angry and upset about it, but what surprises me is how nobody really paid any attention when the whole thing was exposed back in April. Who broke that story? Why legendary superspy Hugh Grant of course. The dude is like James Bond, pretty much with the same desire for loose women. But yeah, he wrote this expose and made these hidden recordings to gather evidence, then published the content. Nobody caught onto it until just recently however because of the sheer horror that emerged upon the discovery that News of the World had hacked into the phone of a girl who went missing and was later found dead. The girl’s voicemail was full, but because they wanted more info via messages people left for her, they deleted some…causing her parents to think (at the time) that she might still be alive. Pretty shady, right? Well, they’ve done a whole lot of nearly equally bad (and some might argue worse) stuff to others, which is why Rupert Murdoch finally shut that paper down a couple weeks ago. Arrests are being made and charges drawn up against the parties involved now, so one can only hope that there’s some justice coming. It’s fascinating stuff if you’re at all interested (and I’d hope you would be). Just wanted to make mention of it in case you’ve been living underneath a rock the last few weeks. Yet you still make it here for some Pick Your Poison mp3s. Tracks I can give the good ‘ol thumbs up to today include ones from Appetite, Buffalo Killers, Cut Off Your Hands, Exitmusic, Letting Up Despite Great Faults, Mungolian Jetset, The Pack A.D., The Real Tuesday Weld, Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks, The War on Drugs and Zee Avi. Wow, that’s a long list of recommendations. All are great though, if you’ve got the time to listen.

All the Apparatus – Let’s Go Ride Bikes
All the Apparatus – Portland Rose

Appetite – Tussy

The Barr Brothers – Beggar in the Morning

Buffalo Killers – Love Is Gold

Continents – The Perfect Circle

Cut Off Your Hands – Hollowed Out

The Energy – Thinking Cameras

Exitmusic – The Sea

Is And Of The – Sleepless Dream

Jason Ajemian & The HighLife – Bliss Is This

Konnichiwa – Cryosphere (Still Frozen Remix)

Letting Up Despite Great Faults – Sophia In Gold

The Library – Sometimes I Wish

Meredith Bragg – Second Golden Age

Mungolian Jetset – Moon Jocks N’ Prog Rocks

Oy Vey – Idiot

The Pack A.D. – Sirens

The Real Tuesday Weld – Me and Mr. Wolf

Rubblebucket – Silly Fathers (RAC Remix)

Sleepy Kitty – Speaking Politely

Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks – Tigers

Sundelles – Gold

The War on Drugs – Come to the City

Zee Avi – Swell Window