Every now and then, a music news story shows up that particularly entertains me. Not that music news ISN’T entertaining, but between new album or tour announcements, so much of it is routine more than anything else. The story I’m talking about this week was the one in which Morrissey was attacked by a dog. There are plenty of animal lovers out there, and I’m sure Morrissey has respect for animals (you don’t title an album “Meat Is Murder” and disrespect animals), yet his being attacked/bitten makes a whole lot of sense to me. The sense of entitlement, the ease with which he kicks opening acts off tour with him, the way he complains that his solo work doesn’t get nearly the praise that The Smiths do, and how he’s now refusing to release a new record until a label gives him the sort of deal he’s looking for all appear to be the actions of a smug, self-centered fool. In other words, the Moz is probably a cat lover. That’s not intended to be a slight against cat lovers in any way, shape or form, but a close examination into the behaviors of cats brings a certain alignment to light. Cats make you earn their affection. They make cat food commercials where felines eat Fancy Feast out of a crystal glass. As a contrast, dogs enjoy chasing their tails, being loyal, and begging for scraps of food. Though they often live in peace and harmony, cats and dogs are technically natural enemies. They’ve made not one, but TWO bad kids movies about it. If Morrissey is a cat person, no wonder a dog tried to bite his arm off. Now Moz has a good story to tell about it, and hopefully some pithy remarks to add during some live shows. He might write a song about it too, with the word “bitch” featured prominently in the title or lyrics. That sounds like something he’d do. And it’ll be fun. And funny. Because Morrissey is a character. I love the guy to death and think he’s tragically talented, but music aside he can be just a bit abrasive for my personal tastes. So there’s my extended rant for the day. Onto Pick Your Poison, which is excellent for a Tuesday. Smart choices in today’s batch include songs from Luke Temple, Max Tundra (covering Prince!), Mister Heavenly, Poland, Psychic Babble, Work Drugs and Young Buffalo.

Avicii – Levels (Haydn Hoffman Bootleg Remix)

Contrakids – I Needed You

Glasvegas – Geraldine (The Soundmen Remix)

Luke Temple – Ophelia

Luther Russell – Ain’t Frightening Me

Lynx Supreme – Love & Memories

Max Tundra – I Wanna Be Your Lover (Prince cover)

Mister Heavenly – Bronx Sniper

Mittenfields – My Mind Is An Avalanche

Mr. Lewis and The Funeral 5 – Alcohol (The Kinks cover)

The Nature – Din Medicin

Poland – Lying Machine
Poland – Beluga

Port of Singapore – 2006

Psychic Babble – You Said It

Rackets and Fives – London Town

Theophilus London – Why Even Try (RAC Remix)

Work Drugs – Ice Wharf

Young Buffalo – Only We Can Keep You From Harm


Bear Lake – Only War

Lanu – Fall (ft Megan Washington)