Another grand weekend coming up, and unlike the last couple, if you’re in the Chicagoland area, it’s gonna be nice. Moderately hot, but still better than severe weather and a number of other issues. And hey, that also means it’ll be great out for the pair of Paul McCartney concerts going down at Wrigley Field on Sunday and Monday. I’m going to one of those shows, and am super excited about it. One could even say I’m more excited about it than Lollapalooza next weekend. But we’ve got plenty of time between now and then for my excitement to build. At the moment I’m most thrilled about this edition of Pick Your Poison. It’s yet another solid one in a long line of solid ones. Today I can give a thumbs up to tracks from Abstract Artimus, Comet Gain, The Grownup Noise, Jonathan Coulton, Magicks, Prince Rama, The Sweet Ones and Turf War. In the Soundcloud section I’ll also say that songs by Youth Lagoon and Neon Hitch are worth streaming.

Abstract Artimus – 27 Club

Alpines – Cocoon (Nocturnal Sunshine Remix)

Comet Gain – An Arcade From the Warm Rain That Falls

Canasta – Reading the Map Upside Down

Conductive Alliance – Dark Flowers

Gabriel Miller Phillips – Star Crossed

The Grownup Noise – Carnival

Jonathan Coulton – Nemeses (ft. John Roderick)

Jonny Rodgers – Swung On A Swing (Live)

Magicks – Cycles

Peg Simone – Wait for Night

Prince Rama – Rest in Peace

Sorrows – Bad Times Good Times

The Sweet Ones – Every One Marches

Turf War – Cheers to the Years

Under Electric Light – Waiting for the Rain to Fall

The Wandas – Do or Die


The Cinema – Picasso

Neon Hitch – Bad Dog

Salli Lunn – Mirror Girl (Scott Solter Remix)

Youth Lagoon – July