Break out your grills, America. It’s 4th of July weekend. Independence Day is that time where we celebrate the United States getting free from the rule of the British. No offense, UK people. We’re all friends now. But this holiday weekend is all about getting together with family and friends, eating some delicious food, and watching some spectacular fireworks shows. If you’re in the US, I hope you have lots of fun. There will be no posting until Tuesday, so hopefully this Friday edition of Pick Your Poison is good enough to tide you over. Highlights include tracks from Abandoned Pools, Damndogs, Handsome Orders, Marlon Rando, The Shivers, Sleeping Bag and The Young Things. In the Soundcloud section, songs from The Features and DoublePlusGood covering Beach House are worth streaming. America!

Abandoned Pools – Marigolds

Bush Doctors – There’s A Ghost in My House (Pimpsouls’ “Get Scarey With Me” Edit)

Cowboy and Indian – Troubled Tracks

Damndogs – Love

Handsome Orders – Violin Case

Hostage – Take You

Kyla La Grange – I Could Be Free

Marlon Rando – Safe & Sound

Night Manager – Pizza Pasta

Paranoid Social Club – Count on Me

Radiation City – The Color of Industry

The Shivers – Love Is In The Air

Sleeping Bag – Slime

Sleepy Kitty – Gimme A Chantz
Sleepy Kitty – Speaking Politely

The Young Things – Talking Too Loud


Celestial Shore – Maps

The Cinema – Kill It

DoublePlusGood – 10 Mile Stereo (Beach House cover)

The Features – Rambo

Heights – The Lost And Alone ft. Vigil / The Ghost Inside

New Rose – Sleeping Slides