Today begins my official quest to find the official “Summer Album” of 2011. Specifically defined, really what I’m hoping to discover is a record I can listen to tons of times over the course of the next few months that will perfectly encapsulate what this season means to me. The perfect summer album has to be bright, poppy and a whole lot of fun. An early entry into that contest certainly has to be Cults’ self-titled debut, but I’m wondering if we can do even better. If there’s an album that has been or will be released this year that you’re finding to be perfect for the warm weather and sunshine, let me know in the comments. Okay, let’s get to Pick Your Poison for today. I can recommend tracks from Crystal Swells, Fucked Up, Get People and The Mast. Also, The Joy Formidable’s remix of The Boxer Rebellion track “The Runner” is dope as well and can be streamed via the Soundcloud section.

Almost Free – Don’t Bother Me Now (Adultescent)

Co La – Honeypot Habits
Co La – Long Shot

Crystal Swells – Patent Trolls

Dr. Michael White – West African Strut

Fucked Up – Ship of Fools

Get People – Away

The Head – Lady Lovely

Lid Emba – Macedonia

The Mast – Wild Poppies

Metronomy – The Bay (Stopmakingme Remix)

Miwa Gemini – Pioneertown Love Story

Nick Jaina – You Were So Good to Me (ft. Jolie Holland)

Phil and the Osophers – Ink on the Page

Philco Fiction – Help!

Plain Jane Automobile – You Were Only A Song


The Boxer Rebellion – The Runner (The Joy Formidable Remix)

Cave Painting – So Calm