If you’re in Chicago at the moment, even if you’re on vacation, it might be advisable to go check out the Taste of Chicago. It runs through July 3rd (so only a few more days) and showcases some of Chicago’s best food. Plenty of dining options for you no matter what time of day you show up, and while the prices aren’t entirely cheap, the sheer variety confined within a few blocks along Lake Michigan makes for a great time. Longtime Chicagoans may view it as a tourist trap, but that doesn’t make it any less delicious. Pick Your Poison has its share of tasty treats as well, only in audio form. My personal thumbs up goes to tracks from 33Hz, Bright Archer, Gem Club and Teddybears.

33Hz – Under the Sun

Annie Crane – Jump WIth A Child’s Heart

Buffalo Killers – Circle Day

Breakbot – Fantasy (Viceroy’s Summer Mix)

Bright Archer – Hidden Systems

DJ Absurd – Ain’t Hard to Find (ft. Dead Poets & Pacewon)

Efren – Moonshine

Elle King – Good to Be A Man

Gem Club – Breakers

Hustle Club – Night Society (Designer Drugs Remix)

Infernal Devices – Fast Enough (Tigersapien Remix) (ZIP)

The Knocks – Sunshine

Sebrok – Drop the Pressure (And.Id Remix)

Teddybears – Weed In A Rizzla (ft. Trimbal)

What Model Citizens – Sleep Sleep Sleep

Yuzima – I Go Out (Alone At Night)


The Black Rabbits – Twist

Lips – Everything to Me

The Loudest Engine – Loudest Engine

Me And My Army – Epilouge (Kleerup & Californiaman Remix)