Just as a reminder to everyone, especially those that are new to the site, allow me to elaborate on what Pick Your Poison is all about. The grand purpose of this daily mp3 collection is to provide you with a snapshot of all the wonderful new music that is out there and available to you. Every day I get sent so many emails that have so many links to songs that are both worth and not worth hearing, but who am I to filter out the good from the bad? I have my opinions, but something I’d consider to be great might not be the same thing that you consider to be great. The albums I review, that’s a little closer to where the filtering lies. But the hope among all else is that you’ll discover something new and exciting that you’ve never heard before and fall in love with it. I’m simply handing you the key to the door, but you’re the one that has to unlock it and walk through to the other side. The tracks you select for download might sometimes be terrible, in which case you’ll get bitten and hope it doesn’t happen again, but I’d like to think that for every misstep somebody makes there’s at least one right move in there to balance it out. So here are today’s songs, do with them what you please, and I’ll make a couple recommendations just to help you out. Today I’ll say you might want to give a listen to tracks from the following artists: No Big Deal, The Express, Milagres, the supergroup Mister Heavenly, and Spring Skier. In the Soundcloud section you can also stream the new single from Beirut, which is more than worth your time.

Arcade Fire vs. Swedish House Mafia – Wake Up, Save the World (R.O.A.R. Remix)

Ariel Abshire – No Great Pretender

COYOL – A Beast

David E. Sugar – Fingers on the Button

Duck Sauce – Goody Two Shoes (Viceroy Edit)

Erik Gundel – You Brought Joy

The Express – Nobody Knows

La Chansons – Dr. and Nurse

Milagres – Glowing Mouth

Mister Heavenly – Pineapple Girl

No Big Deal – Acid Rain

Rites – Be Here
Rites – Mess

Simodo Dragons – j

Spring Skier – Chelsea

Strong Killings – Annals of Animals


Beirut – East Harlem

Bodi Bill – Pyramiding (Edit)

Henrik José – Photo Album