Big music news today, while Bonnarroo is going down: Jack White and Karen Elson are getting divorced. You’d think that’d be a really sad or bad situation, but apparently both parties are totally fine with it. So much so that they’re celebrating their sixth wedding anniversary with a divorce party. That’s not normal, but then again neither are White and Elson. I mean, Jack White started The White Stripes with his first wife Meg after they were already divorced. Most breakups mean you spend LESS time with each other, not more. Next thing you know, White will announce a new band called The Black Stripes or The Elson Stripes and he’ll be teaming up with his brand new ex. Of course she’s got a music career of her own right now, so that would make even more sense. Ah well, whatever. I wish those two crazy kids the best in whatever ventures they choose to embark on, musical or personal. Now on with the Friday edition of Pick Your Poison. Highlights include tracks from Extra Happy Ghost, King Post Kitsch, Matt Bauer (covering Magnolia Electric Co.), S.C.U.M. (as remixed by Grimes). Sun Airway, Telepathe, and Total Warr. In other words, there’s tons of great songs in this set, and sure to add some spice to your weekend. Enjoy!

Big Deal – 13 (Big Star cover)

Elisapie – Turning My Back

Extra Happy Ghost – So At One

Great Book of John – Let Me Slide

Joakim – Forever Young (Discodeine Remix)

King Post Kitsch – Walking on Eggshells

Matt Bauer – Hammer Down (Magnolia Electric Co. cover)

Noisy Crane – Wrong Timing

Sassy!!! – So Bad It’s Good

S.C.U.M. – Summon the Sound (Grimes Remix)

Shannon Curtis – Brightest Light in the Room

Sleepwalkers – Rear Window

Sun Airway – Wild Palms

Telepathe – Destroyer

Tobias – Gorija

Total Warr – Pleasure is the Death of Desire

Vagabonds & Zambian Astronaut – A Declaration (ft. Mog)

ZACK Glass – Just Another Day


Azari & III – Hungry For The Power [Art Department Remix]

Cinematic – Structure