It’s gonna be one wild day six months from today. That’s when 11-11-11 hits, and while that’ll never be as charming as 7-7-07 or even 10-10-10, it’s still cool to look at and there will be so much commentary on it. After all, once we hit 12-12-12, the triple number combination won’t happen again until 3001 (assuming the Earth is still around that far into the future). Anyways, this pointless discussion about fun with numbers and dates was just to be that momentary distraction before I tell you about today’s Pick Your Poison. Great songs today from Cold Showers, Iceage and Purling Hiss. Some remixes you’ll want to investigate are Discoforgia’s remixing a Freelance Whales track, Two Door Cinema Club remixing Young the Giant, and then having Jungle Fiction turn the tables on Two Door Cinema Club and remix a track of theirs (in the Soundcloud section). It’s all about on par for a Wednesday, so enjoy.

Armand Margjeka – Momma

Barbie Hatch – Stars

Big Tone – Baby I’m For Real

Brian Olive – Left Side Rock

Cold Showers – I Don’t Mind

Deer Tracks – The Smallest Cube

Drew Ryan – Crying Blues

Freelance Whales – Hannah (Discoforgia Remix)

Iceage – Broken Bone

Joel Plaskett and Shotgun Jimmie – Jimmie’s Still Jimmie

Jon Langford – Sentimental Marching Song

Lemmy Ashton – Cocktail

Only Living Boy – Lonely Puppy Blues

Purling Hiss – The Hoodoo

Reject – Don’t Wanna Hear It (ft. Ed Og)

Young the Giant – My Body (Two Door Cinema Club Remix)


Jolie Holland – Gold and Yellow

Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work (Jungle Fiction Remix)