If you’re on Tumblr, not that I’m trying to recruit anybody, but you might want to check out my page on there this month, where I’ll be doing a “Song A Day in May”. Just a little something fun to keep occupied for the time being, and a chance to highlight some tracks I think are particularly great outside of the daily Pick Your Poison. Today’s edition of that is below, and features great new stuff from Light Asylum, Sleepy Vikings, Vandervelde and Vetiver.

4-Ize – People

Bikini – R.I.P. (Grimes Remix)

Daniel Isaiah – High Twilight

Dope Body – Bangers and Yos

Gwyneth and Monko – Found In Benson

La Chansons – Spin the Bottle

Light Asylum – Dark Allies

Deadline – Hurry Up Pronto

Miles Jones – Time Machine

Processory – All Good Things

Quit Your Dayjob – Environmental

Sarabeth Tucek – Get Well Soon

Sleepy Vikings – Flashlight Tag

Slow Dancing Society – The Delicate Sound of Silence

Vandervelde – More Than You Can Feel

Vetiver – Can’t You Tell

White Mountains – Spectra


Bass Science – Slip N Slide

Disk Jo Slim – Pursuit of Perfection