Another weekend is here, and hopefully you’re in a place where the weather is set to be wonderful. Spend some time outside if you can and have a little fun. Pick Your Poison is a little fun today too, with a number of covers and generally good, summery tracks. Anni Rossi covering Aaliyah is great, and Bird Call covering Beck isn’t half bad either. Pay particular attention to tracks from Blue Eyed Shark Experiment, King Tuff and Sam Roberts Band featuring Lizzie Powell of Land of Talk.

Anni Rossi – Are You That Somebody (Aaliyah cover)

BAnanas Symphony – To Love Somebody

Bird Call – Lost Cause (Beck cover)

Blue Eyed Shark Experiment – What to Do
Blue Eyed Shark Experiment – Tap Dance

Bravestation – White Wolves
Bravestation – White Wolves (Teen Daze Remix)  

Choongum – Meteor Baths (White Mountains Remix)

Ghostly Dust Machine – Ode to A Baby Snowstorm

King Tuff – Hands

LCD Soundsystem – Tribulations (Acid Invaders remix)

Mike Meehan – So Easy

Mount Moriah – Only Way Out

Rx Bandits – My Lonesome Only Friend

Sam Roberts Band – Longitude (ft. Lizzie Powell)

Tim Easton & The Freelan Barons – Daily Life

Vadoinmessico – The Adventure of a Diver

Virgin of the Birds – Let Me Be Your Bride

You Can’t Win Charlie Brown – Over the Sun/Under the Water


Abigail Washburn – Chains (Single Mix)

Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Box Of Stones