Just saw that Denny’s commercial for a “festival” they’re calling Baconalia. It is a celebration of bacon, and includes a number of specialty dishes with bacon added to them. There’s even a bacon sundae with maple syrup. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE me some bacon, but there’s a certain point where it can border on obsessive. That’s not even mentioning how healthy all of this is. If you celebrated Baconalia every day with every meal, methinks you’d best be shopping for coffins in your spare time. Sigh, this is probably no worse than KFC’s Double Down sandwich though. One thing that’s sure to not send you to an early grave is Pick Your Poison. Despite having the word Poison in the title, the only harm these mp3s can do is to your ears. Last I checked, that wasn’t enough to kill you. Highlights today include tracks from I Was Totally Destroying It, The Shivers and TV Ghost. The Soundcloud section has a wealth of good stuff too, including songs from Locksley, Manchester Orchestra and Mick Harvey. Delta Maid’s cover of The Strokes’ “Under Cover of Darkness” is solid as well.

Backseat Dreamer – Consider (Coma Cinema Remix)

Candidate – Need It Most

Dave Depper – Oh Woman, Oh Why (Paul McCartney cover)

Dylan Champagne – California Song

Eliot Lipp – Yeah (Big Gigantic Remix)
Eliot Lipp – The Outside (Mux Mool Remix)

Extra Arms – Race to Sleep

Flashlights – Glowing Eyes

I Was Totally Destroying It – The Key & The Rose

J. Brookinz – Future Ninja (ft. Oreo Jones, Flaco, Grey Granite, Lisa Berlin, and Young Carolyn)

Karsh Kale – Malika Jam

Scallion – Our Breadth Was Wide

The Shivers – Used to Be

The Streets – OMG (The Knocks Remix)

TV Ghost – Wired Trap

Xuman – Side By Side


Delta Maid – Under Cover of Darkness (Strokes Cover)

Locksley – The Whip

Lust – Heartbeat

Manchester Orchestra – April Fool

Mick Harvey – Famous Last Words