For all you Christians out there, welcome to Lent. It’s a time of sacrifice and reflection, all leading up to Easter when we break out the jelly beans and Peeps while putting images of bunnies and colored eggs everywhere. Pretty righteous, isn’t it? Anyways, more on that later. Let’s get right to Pick Your Poison for today. Packed to the gills with songs, many of them excellent. What I can vouch for are tracks from Alela Diane, Amor De Dias (which counts The Clientele’s Alasdair MacLean as a member), Boats, Grand Atlantic, Here We Go Magic, Leverage Models, and Memory Map. The Dogs are also a pretty cool up-and-coming band from Chicago you might want to look into as well. In the Soundcloud section, you’ll find great new songs from Oupa (the side project of Daniel Blumberg of Yuck) as well as Sondre Lerche.

Alela Diane – To Begin

Amor De Dias – Bunhill Fields

Anni Rossi – Land Majestic

Boats – TV Scientist

Dave Depper – Dear Boy

The Dogs – Dance More
Name Your Price for The Dogs’ album “Camping”

Grand Atlantic – Poison to the Vine

Here We Go Magic – Hands in the Sky

The Hit Back – Me and the Kid

Killed By 9V Batteries – Impulse Control

THE KNØCKØUT – Ruthless Efficiency)

Leverage Models – Tonight When I Burn

The Mannequin Brides – The Story of Abby

Memory Map – Sunburnt & Blown

radioseven – Explorers
radioseven – Don’t Think

Snow Patrol ft. Martha Wainright – Set Fire to the Third Bar (ConRank Drumstep Remix)

Stricken City – Some Say


Belleruche – 3 Amp Fuse

Oupa – Forget

Sondre Lerche – Domino