A delightful set of songs for you today as part of Pick Your Poison. You should most definitely check out tracks from Craft Spells, Joan As Police Woman, Low, Parts & Labor, The Rural Alberta Advantage, and Vandaveer. Neon Trees’ remix of a Jon Fratelli song is also pretty solid. Of course those are just my personal recommendations, and honestly there’s a whole lot more great stuff in this pile that I hope you’ll discover on your own.

Buried Beds – Ivory Towers

Chamberlin – Fools

Craft Spells – You Should Close the Door

Ed Askew – Deep Water

Icona Pop – Manners

Joan As Police Woman – The Magic

Jon Fratelli – Santo Domingo (Neon Trees Remix)

Kyla La Grange – Courage Free

Low – Try to Sleep

Parts & Labor – Rest

The Rural Alberta Advantage – North Star

Shipbuilding Co. – You Tunguskaed My Heart

Swimclub – What You Want

The Two Koreas – Haunted Beach

Vandaveer – Concerning Past and Future Conquests


The Daydream Club – The Record Shop

Poly Styrene – Virtual Boyfriend (CREEP Remix)