We’re rapidly nearing the end of March, and that can only be a good thing. Not that March is a bad month. On the contrary, it’s a rather good one, what with all the debauchery that St. Patrick’s Day tends to bring around. But really it’s more a sign that spring is finally arriving, though April does tend to be a very rain-filled month. If only we had that fictional month of Smarch. Of course they don’t say “Lousy Smarch weather” for nothing. That there is what you’d call an “insider” reference, and if you don’t get it, look up Smarch Weather on YouTube. Pick Your Poison highlights today include tracks from CALLmeKAT, Diego Garcia (formerly of the band Elefant), Fucked Up, Holy Ghost!, Jason Forrest, Ladybug Transistor and Sun Araw. GREAT set of songs today.

Cain Marko – At Sea in St. Paul

CALLmeKAT – My Sea

Code Pie – North Side City View

Diego Garcia – You Were Never There
Diego Garcia – Stay

El Obo – Vrgn Evl

The Felts – Seventeen
The Felts – Enjoy the Silence (Depeche Mode cover)

Fucked Up – The Other Shoe

Ghost Bunny – Mechanical Animals

Holy Ghost! – Wait and See

Jason Forrest – Raunchy

Ladybug Transistor – Clutching Stems

Led to Sea – Is This the Last Time

The Morose Project – Funk Two)

Paper Crows – Fingertips (Acoustic)

Said the Whale – B.C. Orienteering
Said the Whale – Camilo (The Magician)

Sun Araw – Deep Cover


Mechanical Bride – Colour Of Fire

Pony Pony Run Run – Hey You