Pick Your Poison has a lot of good stuff in it today, and I don’t have much time to wax poetic about it. Highlights include songs from Atari Teenage Riot, Chicago band Haberdashery, The People’s Temple, Ringo Deathstarr and Wolf Ram Heart. In the Soundcloud section you’ll also find good tracks from The Chemical Brothers, Fleet Foxes and Hot Chip remixing Shit Robot.

Atari Teenage Riot – Blood in My Eyes

Brothers of End – Stare at the Sun  (ZIP)

Dikta – Thank You
Dikta – Breaking the Waves

Fukkk Offf – Brain Rock (Body Language Remix)

Haberdashery – Fall Into My Arms

Jon Fratelli – Santo Domingo (The Knocks Remix)

The People’s Temple – Sons of Stone

Peter & Kerry – The Summer House Song

Pinto – I Need You to Know

Ringo Deathstarr – So High

Wolf Ram Heart – Humming Doves


Ant Brooks – Ocho

The Chemical Brothers – The Devil Is In The Beats

Fleet Foxes – Battery Kinzie

Seven Saturdays – True Romance (Teen Daze Remix)

Shit Robot – Losing My Patience (Hot Chip Remix)