If you’re on board with some NCAA Basketball aka March Madness right now, I hope your bracket is doing okay. The final four is pretty awkward this year, but would we really have it any other way? Also, what does VCU even stand for? Ah well, best of luck to all the teams playing this weekend. Pick Your Poison today is isn’t broken down into a bracket, but these songs are competing for your attention. Things I can recommend today include tracks from The Belle Brigade, Broken Gold, and Sleepy Vikings. You can also download a full album from the Chicago band Drop Electric, so that’s nice. In the Soundcloud section you’ll want to give tracks from O’Death and Panda Bear a listen if you haven’t already.

Almost Free – Really Don’t Know About You

The Belle Brigade – Sweet Louise

Broken Bricks – Pop Songs

Broken Gold – Ambulance Faces

The Bynars – How Does It Feel to Be in Love

Drop Electric – Finding Color in the Ashes  (full album download, follow link)

Kanye West – Touch the Sky (Heroes of the Party Remix)

Rain Over St. Ambrose – DG Gold Paint

Sleepy Vikings – Calm

Trench Party – Vacation

Volkova Sisters – Last Song of the Dying Fly


The Daydream Club – The Record Shop

I’m not a Band – Little Sparks (Feat. Distord Trakz Feat. TEef)

Nostalgia 77 – Simmerdown

O’Death – Alamar

Panda Bear – The Preakness