Happy Friday everyone. Hope you’ve got a grand weekend coming up. The weather’s starting to warm up, so it’s okay to venture out a little more than usual. Especially if you live someplace where the threat of snow is all but gone by now. Pick Your Poison highlights for this Friday include tracks from Big Wave Riders, Hungry Kids of Hungary, I Was Totally Destroying It, Simon Says No, and Therapies Son. Also the Soundcloud section is really bringing it today with tracks from Guillemots and Junip, among others (see the Queen mashup as well, off the forthcoming “Sucker Punch” soundtrack).

Adele – Rolling in the Deep (Johnny Lawson Remix)

Big Wave Riders – Skate or Die

Duologue – Get Out While You Can

Fizzle Like A Flood – Killshot

Flash Fiktion – Capsules of Sun (DID Remix)

Hungry Kids of Hungary – Wristwatch

I Was Totally Destroying It – Control

The Knocks – Ain’t Too Proud to Beg (Temptations cover)

Moddi – Ardennes (Kontaktor Remix)

Pegasuses-XL – Sea Mountain Island

Simon Says No – Solitary Rush

Skysaw – No One Can Tell

Therapies Son – Touching Down


Boombox Saints – Bringin’ The Boom Back

Guillemots – Walk The River

Junip – Näckrosdammen

Queen with Armageddon Aka Geddy – I Want It All / We Will Rock You Mash-Up

Sarandon – Big Trev