This weekend is a little celebration better known as St. Patrick’s Day (Observed). Because the actual St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Thursday, many are taking the weekend before to drink their green beer and just get sloppy drunk. If that’s your idea of a good time, enjoy. Pick Your Poison today is exceptionally enjoyable. My personal choices include songs from Early Winters, Grieves, James Legs, Phil Cook (of Megafaun), Ponytail, The Wrens and Yuck. In the Soundcloud section there are also great songs from Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. and Generationals.

Bikini – American Mourning (WIN WIN Remix)

Daniel Knox – Ghostsong

Early Winters – Tough Love

The Echelon Effect – We Will Spin Forever

Family of the Year – Stupidland

Grieves – Lightspeed

James Legs – Drowning in Fire

The Owsley Brothers – Under the Shade of a Live Oak

Phil Cook & His Feat – Ballad of a Hungry Mother

Ponytail – Easy Peasy

Rimer London ft. Cata.Pirata – Love Dagger

Ryan Driver – Am I Still Too Late

The Shondes – Nothing Glows
The Shondes – Make It Beautiful

This Year’s Model – No Miracles

The Wrens – As I’ve Known

Yuck – Get Away


Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. – Morning Thought

Dry the River – New Ceremony

Generationals – Ten-Twenty-Ten