Happy Oscar nomination Tuesday everyone. I know this is all about music, but for those of us that also have a huge passion for movies, today was kind of a big day. But to connect the two, I’d like to offer up congratulations to Trent Reznor, who earned an Oscar nomination for his score of “The Social Network” with Atticus Ross. Great stuff. Today’s Pick Your Poison isn’t entirely nomination-worthy, but still delightful nonetheless. Highlights include tracks from Cotton Jones, Darwin Deez, Duchess Leo and John Vanderslice. In the Soundcloud section, it’s easy to hate a band like The Vines, but honestly their new song is pretty good. Check it out if you really enjoy some solid alt-rock.

Anchorless – A Step Too Steep

Birds of Avalon – Shadowy End

The Civil Wars – Barton Hollow

Cotton Jones – Egg On A Sea

Darwin Deez – Where’s the Chocolate?

Delicate Steve – Butterfly

Duchess Leo – Your Sweet Love

John Brodeur – Confidentially (2011 Version)

John Vanderslice – The Piano Lesson

Leverage Models – Dreaming of Accidents

Paul Collins – Do You Wanna Love Me

Stockholm Syndrome – Apollo


Bag Raiders – Sunlight (feat. Dan Black)

The Vines – Gimme Love