Tomorrow in Chicago is set to be one of the coldest days in years, with temperatures with combined wind chills reaching somewhere between -20 to -30 degrees outside. Yeah, we’re talking degrees Fahrenheit. Seriously dangerous stuff. If you’re living in or around such a dangerous tundra, stay safe. Take some mp3s to keep you warm. Highlights on today’s Pick Your Poison include songs from Akron/Family, The Great Valley, and Hotels. The couple of Lindstrom-related tracks are great too, including his remix of Glasser’s “Mirrorage”. In the Soundcloud section you might also want to listen to the track from Benjamin Francis Leftwich.

Akron/Family – Silly Bears

Brown Paper Bag – The Elephant Song

The Brute Chorus – Birdman (Bright Light Bright Light Freefall Remix)

Emily Arin – When You Knew Me When

Glasser – Mirrorage (Lindstrom Remix)

The Great Valley – Tall Smoke

Hotels – The Bat Watusi

Lindstrom – Baby Can’t Stop (Aeroplane Remix)

Luke Rathborne – Dog Years

Sean Wheeler and Zander Schloss – Retablo


Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Pictures

Casey Spooner – Spanish Teenager (Derrick Carter Remix)