Blah, I hate winter. The cold, the snow, the ice, the general inability to spend too much time outdoors. I should probably move someplace warmer, but Chicago is such a wonderful city outside of the weather. Hope things aren’t too crazy where you live. Let’s talk the week-starting Pick Your Poison. There’s always some good to come out of that, and today I can recommend tracks from The Builders and The Butchers, Junk Culture, Obits, Parts & Labor, and Solvents. Also be sure to listen to the Water Borders remix of the Weekend track in the Soundcloud section. It’s remarkably great.

Annabel – The Forgetting of Names and Faces

Broadcaster – Passerby

The Builders and The Butchers – Lullaby

The Felts – The Connoisseur

Dustin Edge – Calm

Ghost Heart – No Canticle
Ghost Heart – Little Vampires

Hi Ho Silver Oh – Showers Without Warning

Jef Barbara – Sebastien

Junk Culture – Weird Teenage Vibes

Lockerbie – Sumarintro
Lockerbie – Laut

Obits – You Gotta Lose

Parts & Labor – Constant Future

Solvents – We Were Guests Here

Still Flyin’ – Victory Walker (2AM)
Still Flyin’ – Victory Walker (2AM) (Papercuts Remix)

Sum – Prayer for Glitch

Tigersapien – Touch. Move. Feel. (ft. Kolt13)


Miles Kane – Come Closer (ft. Daisy Lowe)

Weekend – Monday Morning/Monongah, WV (Water Borders remix)