It’s December 1st, and fair warning, there’s not many editions of Pick Your Poison left in 2010. Starting next week and for the rest of the month, Pick Your Poison will go from a daily to a weekly post. The issue is a year-end one only, partly because album releases and mp3s dry up in December and partly because I’d like there to be more focus on “Best of 2010” stuff and less on downloads. So please bear with me for the rest of the month, and Pick Your Poison resumes a normal daily posting again in January. Anyways, today’s highlights include songs from Colossal Yes, The Moviegoers, Natalia Kills, Peelander Z, Surf City, and That Ghost. There’s also a Christmas-themed track from The Elves of Heaven, should you want to get in the spirit, assuming you’re not starting the Festival of Lights today.

Arsenal – Lotuk (Inflagranti Remix)

Colossal Yes – Backbiter Blues

David Gergen – Love Blues

The Elves of Heaven – Hard Times on 34th Street

The Good Fear – Be Like Us

Gwyneth & Monko – Get in the Sun

Lady Lazarus – The Eye in the Eye of the Storm

Lubec – Your Magic Wand

The Moviegoers – Big High School

Natalia Kills – Mirrors (Frankmusik Remix)

Peelander Z – How Are USA

Surf City – Crazy Rulers of the World

That Ghost – To Like You

Tristeza – Raise Your Gaze