This time I’m sticking to my word – this will be the last “daily” version of Pick Your Poison for 2010. For the rest of December, editions of Pick Your Poison will be on a weekly basis each Friday. Then in January everything returns to normal and we go Monday thru Friday again. But today I’ve got some delightful stuff for you, as pretty much per usual. Asher Roth is not my favorite guy in the world, and I may even go so far as to say I actively dislike him. But he’s collaborated with Nottz for some tracks that are halfway decent, so download one of those below. The Babblers is a new group formed by Will Oldham, who you may also know as Bonnie “Prince” Billy – check out their first mp3. I can also recommend songs by Gospel Claws, Houses, Ringside, and a new one from Wye Oak. Enjoy your weekend, friends, and we’ll be back next Friday with what will probably be an extra large stack of mp3s for Pick Your Poison.

Asher Roth and Nottz – Break Bread

The Babblers – Come Down Here (Kevin Coyne cover)

Bird By Snow – Across the Water

Galleries – Rocket Science

Gospel Claws – Like A Friend (Pulp cover)

Houses – This Is War

Non Ultra Joy – Pushing the Brand

The Open Feel – Still Here

Poster Child – We Don’t Have to Talk

Ringside – Money

Stornoway – Fuel Up

The Waylons – We Are Afraid of the Wrong Things

Wye Oak – Civilian

Young Circles – Sharp Teeth