For the uninitiated, the main purpose of Pick Your Poison is to help get the word out there about artists you might not have heard of by any other means. These free downloads are listed daily and with very little to go by in terms of descriptions, you’re encouraged to make your own choices about what might appeal to you. It doesn’t always work out, but sometimes you’ll discover some new great band. Big collection of songs today, or at least bigger than your average day. My personal recommendations on prime choice downloads come in the form of new songs from Aqueduct, Harper Blynn, Horse Feathers, and Yellowbirds. You’ll also want to hear Passion Pit’s remix of an excellent ARMS track, Rubblebucket’s Beatles cover, and the artist known as Rewards, which is actually Chairlift guitarist Aaron Pfenning.

Aqueduct – Past the Point

ARMS – Heat and Hot Water (Passion Pit Remix)

Harper Blynn – Every Impulse

Horse Feathers – Drain You

Jesse Payne – Scripting Carolina

Keep Shelly in Athens – Running Out of You

Laura Stevenson and The Cans – Nervous Rex

Masonic – Let’s Do It All Again

Papercranes – Synapses

Rewards – Two Cardinals

Rubblebucket – Michelle (Beatles cover)

The Savings and Loan – Pale Water

White Wires – Be True to Your School (Until You Get Kicked Out)

Yellowbirds – The Rest of My Life

Yusuf Azak – The Key Underground