Thanksgiving is next week, if you’re American that is. There’ll be a couple days without a post next week in observance of that. Basically my body will be too stuffed with turkey and other foods to actually get up off the couch and type something up. Those are the moments to cherish. No, I’ll probably spend that time preparing for year-end listmaking and such. But to wrap up this week, we’re in fine shape with another extended Pick Your Poison, and on a Friday no less. Top picks today include songs from Bardo Pond, Glass Ghost (doing a Bear in Heaven cover), Elk, Suns, and MEN (which features members of Le Tigre). Everything’s enjoyable on some level, so be sure to check all this great stuff out.

Bardo Pond – Don’t Know About You

Birds of Avalon – Invasion

Brass Bed – God Saves the Thieves

Dead Horse – Interstellar Remedies

Debra Dolce – Goodies (Dirty Disco Youth Remix)

Elk – Volleyball

Glass Ghost – Fake Out (Bear In Heaven cover)

Hundreds – Solace (Single Edit)

Joshua English – Nickel In

MEN – Off Our Backs (Lemonade Remix)

Nice Purse – Heart Medley

PO PO – Let’s Get Away

Scott Miller – Joyful Joyful

Suns – Everything Changes

Wires Under Tension – Mnemonics in Motion