Friday has arrived, and it’s time to kick up your heels and treat yourself to something nice. After all, you’ve been working hard all week. Here’s another slice of Pick Your Poison to help get you properly motivated for such things. Recommendations today include songs from Girl Problems, Jenny O. and Solar Temple Suicides. Keep a particularly close eye on Young Galaxy as well. The song below is from their third record, and after two previously strong albums, this might just be the one that pushes them into the spotlight they so richly deserve.

The Caribbean – Do You Believe In Dinosaurs (Scott Solter Remix)

Girl Problems – Sancho

The Glass – Four Four Letter (Black Van Remix)

Jenny O. – Well OK Honey

Liturgy – Ecstatic Rite (WFMU session)

Mr. Gnome – Slow Side
Mr. Gnome – Vampires

Rusty Willoughby – C’mon C’mon (Live on KEXP)

Salteens – Last Train From London

Shugo Tokumaru – Lahaha

Solar Temple Suicides – Pale Blue Dot

The Waylons – Everyone Talking

Young Galaxy – Peripheral Visionaries