Hopefully today’s Pick Your Poison will cure any mid-week blues you might be experiencing. Hip hop fans, specifically Big Boi fans, there’s a treat below in the form of a remix of one of the songs on his latest record. The band Elephant & Castle are good enough on their own, but they got the great artist Houses to remix one of their songs and it’s excellent. I can also give a recommendation to songs from Radical Face and Shigeto. Finally, you can download a full EP’s worth of material from M83 member Morgan Kibby’s new project White Sea, and that’s the real prize today.

Big Boi – Shutterbug (Sub Swara Remix)

Church of Very Bright Lights – Words
Church of Very Bright Lights – Bone/Muscle

Elephant & Castle – Grey Area (Houses Remix)

Indie Folker – Monsters In Rome
Indie Folker – Afraid Not Scared

Radical Face – Doorways

Rumspringa – Queer Eyed Boy

Seafarer – Noise Floor  

Shigeto – Relentless Drag

Ten Million Lights – Kill Yr Idols

White Sea – This Frontier EP  (ZIP)