Today’s Pick Your Poison is easily my favorite so far this week. Fujiya and Miyagi did a pretty great remix of a song by Erland & the Carnival. There’s a couple tracks from the band Hot Sugar, one of which features Aaron Livingston, who’s collaborated with RJD2 and The Roots previously. The Superions is a band that features Fred Schneider of The B52’s, and they put out a Christmas-themed album recently, a song from which is available for download below. You’ll also want to give a listen to songs from Pepper Rabbit and a new one from Girls, who’ll be releasing a new EP soon.

Arthur Nasson – Echo Garden

Big Troubles – Video Rock

Bubble Scum – Golden Gun

Daniel G. Harmann and the Trouble Starts – Dee

Erland & The Carnival – Echoing Green (Fujiya & Miyagi Remix)

Girls – Heartbreaker

Hot Sugar – Color Wars (ft. Aaron Livingston)
Hot Sugar – The Seagull

Jumpel – Edinburgh

Pepper Rabbit – Babette!

The Superions – Fruitcake

Timmy’s Organism – Pretty Stare