Lots o’ music in today’s Pick Your Poison, a little more than normal. That just means more highlights for you to download. My personal picks for today include tracks from So So Glos, True Womanhood and Weekends. There’s a brand new cut from Deerhoof as well, definitely worth your time, and Philadelphia Grand Jury do a remarkable cover of Jay-Z’s “99 Problems”.

The Amplifetes – Fokker

Blonde Summer – Cathode Ray

Dearling Physique – Discipline Your Hands 

Deerhoof – The Merry Barracks 

Gamma Gamma Rays – Roam

Giant Sand – Fields of Green

Head Like A Kite – Diamond Paint

KAV – Mr. Nice (ft. Howard Marks)

Philadelphia Grand Jury – 99 Problems (Jay-Z cover)

So So Glos – Fred Astaire

True Womanhood – Dream Cargoes

We Can’t Enjoy Ourselves – Put Your Blue Dress On
We Can’t Enjoy Ourselves – A Charming Man

Weekends – Jerk Center

Whitey Morgan and The 78s – I Ain’t Drunk