Today’s Pick Your Poison is a good one (aren’t they all in some aspects?). Vivian Girls bassist/vocalist Kickball Katy has a solo project she’s calling La Sera, and you can (and should) download the first song from it below. The band Mutual Benefit is one to watch, and there’s a pair of songs from them to help prove that. The Sparta Philharmonic track is excellent too, and you shouldn’t miss the song from Wise Blood either.

The Art of Shooting – Japanese
The Art of Shooting – Traveling Show

Daddy Lion – Morning

I Might Be Wrong – Salomon (Radio Edit)

Jane Lui – Jail Card

La Sera – Never Come Around

Meligrove Band – Halflight

Mutual Benefit – Desert Island Feeling
Mutual Benefit – Here

Sparta Philharmonic – Maybe It’s Best

Trademark Da Skydiver – Up Here (ft. Terry Walker)

Wise Blood – Solo (4 Claire)