Yeah, Monday again. It seems like these things come around once a week, and that’s simply awful (If you’re too dense for it, that was a joke). Let’s do our best to take it all in stride with another edition of Pick Your Poison, where you choose what to download and let the chips fall where they may. Notable songs up for download today include a new one from Amusement Parks on Fire, whose new album came out just recently. I can also recommend the bands From a Fountain and Last Year’s Men. You’ll also definitely want to have a listen to the song from Small Black, as they’re set to blow up huge before the end of the year.

All India Radio – Lucky

Amusement Parks on Fire – Flashlight Planetarium

Cock & Swan – Stash

Craig M. Clarke – Life of the Party  
Craig M. Clarke – Just Rolling Along

From A Fountain – Washing

Jupe Jupe – Add As Friend

Kotchy – Barbara Cocker
Kotchy – Diamond Johnny

Last Year’s Men – Paralyzed

Rubblebucket – Triangular Daisies

Small Black – Search Party

Yuck – Georgia
Yuck – Rubber