I’ve taken a couple days off work this week to help properly celebrate my birthday (which is today), and though I purposely try to avoid doing anything even remotely challenging under the logic of doing only what I want, Pick Your Poison is something I kind of enjoy, despite some of the work I put into it. So enjoy today’s edition, you’ll want to be on the lookout for tracks from Animal Prufrock, Crushed Stars, Elizabeth & the Catapult, Mariage Blanc and Twins of A Gazelle.

Animal Prufrock – 0+0+0

Baby Scream – Nicole

Cashes Rivers – Our Boats

Crushed Stars – Black Umbrellas

Elizabeth & the Catapult – You and Me

Failed Novelist – Love Like A Knife

Il Gato – On Feathers & Arrows (On Burnt Pine)

Lexicon – I Wanna Be Sedated (Ramones cover)
Lexicon – Junk Food

Mariage Blanc – Rag to A Bull

Pete International Airport – 21 Days

Troy Von Balthazar – Dots and Hearts

Twins of Gazelle – Constellations