For a Monday, Pick Your Poison is literally packed with music, and there’s so much good stuff. There’s so many highlights, I’m hesitant to name them all. Be sure to check out songs from Bridges and Powerlines, I Was A King, Liz Janes, Martina Topley-Bird, Pomegranates, and Robbers on High Street. There’s also a song from Wilco’s own Nels Cline, and Max Justus does an interesting cover of a Patrick Swayze “classic”.

Bridges and Powerlines – Blue Sky

Butterflies – Goodbye (Like A Stranger)

Envy – A Breath Clad In Happiness

I Was A King – Nightwalking

Liz Janes – I Don’t Believe

Martina Topley-BIrd – Baby Blue (Badgerbrown remix)

Max Justus – She’s Like the Wind (Patrick Swayze cover)

Mon Khmer – Birthplace

My My My – War Party

Nels Cline – Don’t Threaten Me With Your Threats

Pomegranates – 50s

Robbers on High Street – Electric Eye

The Sleep Ins – Angelina

White Belt Yellow Tag – Remains